Madame Margherite

Animal Play Monarch

11/22/20231 min read

Madame Margherite, The Animal Play Monarch, is a lifestyle Dominant who began Her professional career over a decade ago in Her hometown Brooklyn, New York shortly before relocating to Los Angeles in search of a larger community. There She went on to train under some of the most elite Dommes in the United States.

She earned Her title of Animal Play Monarch by transforming dozens of people into their very specific and unique inner Animals, which She identifies using a series of questions She calls the Petsy Madaminal Scale. Through asking eight simple, yet thought-provoking questions, Madame Margherite can pinpoint any person's inner Animal in a way that makes it easy to pull out and bring to life. She currently has over 60 Pets and is still counting.

Being featured in this book "The Heart of a Dominatrix" is just one of Her many proud accomplishments.