Our Commitment Charter


I understand that everything said or done during the events is confidential. I may share my own experiences, but I will not talk about what someone else has done or said.

I will not reveal real names, nicknames or explicit details about anyone present at France FemDom to anyone outside of the event.

I understand that I cannot take photographs or film at events except in authorized areas. Please check in with others to ensure that they are ok with their photo being taken, and communicate where the photo will be used (personal use, social media, fan sites...).
France FemDom will have photographers on site and they will not take pictures without your consent. France FemDom can use these images for future promotions, both in print and online.


I will respect everyone's boundaries and ensure that all my activities and interactions are respectful and only involve people who have given their consent to the interaction.

If I'm not sure about someone's boundaries, or if I'm not sure that someone has understood my boundaries, or if it's not clear what we've agreed to, I will take responsibility for taking the time to clarify the situation before continuing.


I understand that it is forbidden to engage in hateful, harmful, threatening or intimidating behavior, to discriminate against or harass anyone, for example, because of their sexual identity (identifying as male, female, a mixture of both, neither or something else), sexual orientation and preferences, physical appearance, ethnicity, age...


I understand that BDSM is potentially dangerous. I am responsible for my own choices and any consequences, both physical and mental.

I am solely responsible for my own personal liability insurance. I cannot claim compensation for anything I have done or exposed myself to. The organization, team members and other members are in no way responsible for any accidents that may occur during a party.

I understand that everything that happens at events must be voluntary and that I must not be forced to do anything that makes me feel uncomfortable. I take full responsibility for my limits, for what I don't want to receive and what I don't want to give.

I understand that I can change my mind at any time, say no, stop what I'm doing or leave. I can always adapt an interaction to my needs, to what I really want to give or be ready to receive.

The organization declines all responsibility in the event of theft, loss, or damage to your personal belongings.