Frequently Asked Questions

I cannot attend all three days. Are there one-day tickets available?

One of the primary goals of France FemDom is to create an engaged community over three days. While it is highly encouraged to attend all the events, it is not mandatory.
There will be a few VIP tickets available for the play party on Saturday night, but the guided tour, the cruise, and the gala are reserved for those who purchase the all-inclusive three-day pass. Tickets for the Saturday play party will not be available until March.

Tickets for the Kinky Market will be available in early 2024.

Is France FemDom only for professional Mistresses?

Our mission is to bring both professional and lifestyle Mistresses together to learn and share. Everyone has something to bring to the table, their own story to contribute, and it’s the diversity of our experiences that will enrich all of our lives.

I am trans, non-binary, or gender-fluid. Can I attend the event?

Of course! This is an inclusive event, and France FemDom strives to showcase female domination in all its forms. If you do not conform to gender binaries, you are more than welcome. The team of France FemDom will be trained on subjects of diversity and inclusivity.

Another way we promote inclusivity is by including trans, NB, and GF individuals for performances throughout the weekend, and inviting them to showcase their goods at the Kinky Market.

Please purchase the female/GF/NB ticket.

I am not yet certain that my sub can join me. Can they buy a ticket later?

While it's advised to purchase for both yourself and your sub(s) at the same time, you can add one person to your ticket at a later date if there is still space available. Please send us a message for instructions.

How many tickets are available for France FemDom?

For the first edition of France FemDom, we want to encourage building a tight-knit community, so have limited the number of tickets to 100 people. A smaller group for the first year of this huge event!

I’m a single man. Can I attend France FemDom?
There will be a very limited number of single male three-day tickets available. In order to encourage men to sponsor attending Mistresses, the ticket for single men is higher than that for a couple. If there is a particular lady you would like to sponsor, please reach out to her directly (using her preferred method of contact, of course).

Why are cis-male tickets more expensive?

In order to promote equity and to encourage single cis-men to sponsor Mistresses, we have priced the tickets significantly higher. To promote a balance of genders, there are only 10 single cis-male tickets available.

What is the dress code for the event?

To give you the most freedom possible in choosing fabulous outfits, there are very few dress code requirements. Paris is a city known for fabulous fashion. This is your chance to shine!

Our suggestions:

  • Thursday guided tour: comfortable attire and walking shoes.

  • Thursday private cruise: elegant attire. No casual shoes (sneakers, sandals), no Bermuda-type shorts, no t-shirts.

  • Friday Kinky Market: casual attire. Open to the public, so no nudity, please.

  • Saturday gala: elegant or fetish wear.

  • Saturday play party: elegant or fetish wear.

Please note that while our dress code is fairly relaxed, we are all here to make a good impression. Take pleasure in selecting how you present yourself!

What if I experience discrimination or harassment at France FemDom?

We have a team that can offer support throughout the event. While we hope that everyone will be treated with kindness and respect, the reality is that unwanted behavior can occur. If you do need to report an incident, we will do our best to help you feel safe and welcome.

If you demonstrate any sort of behavior that the team deems inappropriate, you will be excluded from the event without a refund, and placed on a list excluding you from any future events.

Be kind and treat one another with the respect that they deserve.

How do I identify staff/team members?

All France FemDom staff will be wearing badges indicating that they are part of our team. You can speak with any of them if you have questions or concerns, and they will do their best to find a solution.

I have dietary restrictions. Will they be taken into account for the meals included on Thursday and Saturday?

While we cannot accommodate all dietary restrictions, there will be some vegetarian, vegan, and gluten-free options available.

What drinks are included?

Champagne, wine, beer, and soft drinks are included on Friday during the cruise and during the Gala on Saturday. There will also be a selection of alcohol-free cocktails available.
There will be a no-host bar available at the Kinky Market Friday and during the Play Party on Saturday.

Where is France FemDom taking place?
Paris rive droit (eastern Paris). The exact location of the events will be sent to ticket holders in the days before the event.
Please read the page Your Stay for recommendations.

Will there be photos of the event?
There will be designated photo areas with professional photographers at each event so that we can have memories of the wonderful things that we’re doing. There will also be a designated selfie area at each event. In order to protect the identities of participants, no photos are allowed outside designated areas. We will also be filming performances.
You can read more about this on the about page.

I want to showcase my goods at the Kinky Market.
We have filled all of spots for artists! We look forward to showcasing fabulous pieces designed by French artists.

I want to volunteer at the event.
We will be looking for a few volunteers for Saturday, June 29, but know that we prefer turning towards our trusted subs and friends. If you have specific talents, please send us a message from the contact page.

I can’t attend, but I would like to support the event. How can I do so?
There are many ways to support France FemDom! Sharing the event on social media is a great start. You can also sponsor (or partially sponsor) one of the attending Mistresses.
If you are a kink-friendly business, please reach out to us and we can talk about other sponsorship opportunities.
If you are an individual that doesn’t want to sponsor a specific Mistress, contact us for other ways you can contribute to the event.