Frequently asked questions

Most of this information can be found elsewhere on my website, but here's a quick guide for those of you who want answers to the most frequently asked questions.

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One of the main aims of France FemDom is to create a close-knit community over three days. While attendance at all events is strongly encouraged, it is not mandatory. Tickets are available for both the Fête des Dames Gala and the Play Party.
Tickets for Kinky Market is this way.

All Dominatrices are welcome! We want to bring together professional and lifestyle Mistresses to learn and share. Each has something to contribute, each has her own story to tell, and it's the diversity of our experiences that will enrich our lives.

Of course it is! France FemDom is dedicated to female domination in all its expressions. This event is inclusive, welcoming cis-gender, non-binary, trans and GF dominatrices into a welcoming space. Our team will be sensitized to this subject.
What's more, France FemDom is committed to inclusivity, and throughout the weekend will be showcasing performances by trans, NB and GF people, as well as creations made by them, which will be presented at the Kinky Market.

Although it is advisable to buy your ticket and that of your submissive(s) at the same time, you can add a person to your ticket at a later date if there is still room. Please send us a message for instructions.

How many tickets are available for France FemDom?
For the first edition of the event, we prefer to keep things small for this grand premiere! So we've limited the number of tickets to 100 people.

Single men are welcome, but please bear in mind that a limited number of places have been reserved for them. In order to benefit from an attractive rate, we invite you to sponsor a Mistress to take advantage of the less expensive couple's rate. It's up to you to contact the Lady of your choice using the appropriate contact method, and let her know that you'd like to invite her to the event.

There are gender-neutral tickets available for the Play Party on Saturday, June 29.

To promote equity and encourage cis men to sponsor Mistresses, we have set ticket prices at a significantly higher level. To promote gender balance, there are only 10 tickets reserved for unaccompanied cis men.

To give you as much freedom as possible in choosing your outfits, the dress code is quite flexible. Paris is a city known for its fabulous fashion. This is your chance to shine!

Our suggestions:

  • Thursday guided tour : comfortable clothing and walking shoes
  • Thursday private cruise : elegant attire. No casual shoes (sneakers, sandals), no Bermuda shorts, no T-shirts.
  • Friday Kinky Market: casual wear. Open to the public, no nudity, please.
  • Saturday gala : elegant or fetishistic attire.
  • Saturday Play Party: elegant or fetishistic attire.

Although our dress code is relatively casual, we're all here to make a good impression. Enjoy choosing how you present yourself!

France FemDom has taken great care to set up a support system that guarantees your physical and emotional safety, with a team of dedicated people on hand to help you resolve any difficulties you may encounter.
France FemDom also informs you that any behavior deemed inappropriate will result in exclusion from the event without refund, as well as inclusion on a list excluding you from all future events.

All France FemDom staff will wear a badge indicating that they are part of our team. You can speak to any of them if you have any questions or concerns, and they will do their best to find a solution.

Although we cannot accommodate all dietary restrictions, some vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free options will be available.

Champagne, wine, beer and soft drinks are included on Friday during the cruise and on Saturday during the gala. A selection of non-alcoholic cocktails will also be available.

Where does France FemDom take place?
Paris rive droite. The exact location of events will be communicated to ticket holders in the days leading up to the event.Please consult the Your stay for recommendations.

There will be designated photo areas with professional photographers at each event so we can have memories of the wonderful things we do. There will also be a designated area for selfies at each event. To protect the identity of participants, no photos are allowed outside the designated areas. More information can be found on the page About us.

Most spaces have already been occupied, but don't hesitate to contact us via the contact page.

We'll be looking for a few volunteers for Saturday June 29, but we'd prefer to turn to our trusted friends and family. If you have specific talents, please send us a message via the contact page.

There are many ways to support France FemDom! Sharing the event on social networks is a good start.
You can also sponsor (or partially sponsor) one of the Mistresses present.
If you are a kink-friendly company, please contact us and we can discuss other sponsorship opportunities.
If you are an individual and do not wish to sponsor a particular Mistress, please contact us to find out about other ways of contributing to the event.