Sigrid Latex


Sigrid Latex was born from the desire to design atypical garments and share a passion with you. Seeing you happy and confident in these garments is the greatest reward of all.

The whole story began after studies in design and art history when Sigrid turned to couture, which she studied to a degree level. In her mind was a childhood dream: to be whoever you wanted to be, thanks to the magic of clothing.

Today, she's turned to latex. Her encounter with this material through cosplay was like a trigger. To touch latex, its smooth, shiny surface, to wear it and immediately feel powerful, confident. From that day on, she decided to share this passion by applying her know-how to create elegant, sensual outfits for your greatest pleasure.

Sigrid Latex will present her latex creations at the Kinky Market on Friday. She will also showcase a few selections at the fashion show at the gala on Saturday.