The Baroness

Latex Designer

The Baroness, after 30 years being New York’s Premier designer of elegant, provocative latex fashions and hostess of the longest running fetish party, packed up and moved to the French countryside of Southern Beaujolais. It is there in this new country and new life that The Baroness is creating her new life, with plans to open a BDSM AirbnB, hosting exclusive fetish retreats, and focusing on creating latex artworks.

As part of this weekend’s entertainment, The Baroness presents “The Maw” a latex, performance creation and top prize winner of the WOW (World of Wearable Art) competition in New Zealand. Each viewing is unique, with up to 5 humans, concealed and encased in meters of shiny black latex.

An artistic sadist, The Baroness’ other interests include latex, bullwhipping, fire, encasement, footwear, and service. She is also available for custom latex designs.

The Baroness can be reached by email at [email protected] her (needing to be updated) website is