France FemDom would not be possible without all the fabulous people contributing to the event. Below you will find more information about those that have come together to make this enormous project come to life. Click on the names to visit their websites and find out more about their work.

Day Two:

Kinky Market

An atypical trio, based in Moselle. We entered the BDSM community in 2019, never to come out again. We were warmly and kindly welcomed, and this world of freedom immediately won us over. If all the interest of BDSM is, for us, its multiple facets, we tasted from our beginning the beauty of impact play and had marvelous guides in our first steps. The delicacy of the whip, the mastery required to handle this beautiful object, the dance that takes place during a session was enough to captivate us.

The “CRYSTAL” brand was launched at the beginning of 2022, and its creator emphasizes the ethnic and esoteric aspects of each of her pieces, all handmade with leathers sourced largely from upcycling, highlighting the company's ethical and ecological approach.

Pudibondage is a brand of BDSM objects designed and handmade in France, in leather, wood, metal and latex. We offer a "Transformable" collection made up of "vanilla" accessories that change into BDSM objects, as well as a "Classic" collection, comprising impact objects and outfit elements.

PIP for Products In Paris, I design and create sex toys, made 100% in Paris from biocompatible silicone. My creations are all made using 3D printing, in an eco-responsible approach. I attach great importance to your well-being and safety, and use only European raw materials. I take care of all the manufacturing stages (design, production, distribution...). The creation process is fast, made-to-measure and 100% Parisian.

EllexSir was born of a passion for lingerie and the particular aestheticism of the fetish and BDSM world. With 10 years' experience in the world of fetish and BDSM, EllexSir has recently set up her own small workshop, where she aims to sublimate every body and give free rein to every desire! Each piece is unique, entirely handmade and made-to-measure!

Fessée Artisanale (literally “Handcraft Spank”) was born during the pandemic, from the wish to create a fetish tool that would meet our own convictions (and perversions). Handicraft, quality, uniqueness, craftsmanship, and upcycling values brought us to create a discreet martinet that arouses one’s creativity. Working on that soon brought us to experiment with different patterns and create a complete range of adult tools.

Abara is a collection of alternative leather products. Far from established codes, our aim is to offer a range that uncompromisingly combines beauty, comfort and solidity. Entirely handcrafted in our Belgian workshop, we pay particular attention to tailoring and materials, so that each piece is the perfect reflection of your desires. With a bold aesthetic choice, ABARA favors elegant shapes and high-quality skins to offer you unique creations.

The cry of the charm

Le Cri du Charme is a boutique dedicated to wooden BDSM tools, some precious and some local: padouk, amaranth, oak, walnut... 

With its paddles, claws, flaps and other made-to-measure instruments of torture, Le Cri du Charme works with partner sawmills and accesses special species for the pleasure of playing with living, natural and organic materials.

Started in 2020, Cuir et Chuchotements is a true artisanal workshop, based on leather BDSM creations. Using only top quality leathers and hand sewn, the creations emphasize sobriety and sustainability.

Sensuel et Marquant is born to ignite your senses with unique, high-quality BDSM accessories, such as vampire swifts and paddles, hazel and carbon badines.
All our instruments are handcrafted, designed for your pleasure and incomparable suffering.

Sigrid Latex is a high-end artisanal company specializing in latex clothing and accessories for men and women. Trained as a seamstress, all pieces are made by myself in my workshop in Auvergne. I offer clothing for the classic wardrobe, as well as eveningwear in fluorescent and textured latex.

ICHOR is a fashion brand launched in 2019 and based in Paris that combines craftsmanship and avant-garde design in leather construction. All pieces are made from vegetable-tanned bovine leather using exclusively natural plant substances, utilizing tannin found in tree bark.

Author's Table

Come meet FemDom writers and learn more about their work.

Day Two:

Workshops + demonstrations

Gabrielle Divine

Emotional Superpowers


Fear Play with Knives

Lady Vyra

Beyond Role Play

Mrs Lule

La puissance de la douceur (in French)

Diane Killer

Needle Art

Mistress Julia

Le dépassement de soi (in French)

Lady Syene

The Queen's game

The Lady

Blood Play

Eon's Whips

Fire massage

Clara of Pudibondage


Ezhraa Fire

Florentine Impactante 


Caning demonstration

Day Three:

FemDom Gala + Fêtes des Dames Play Party

Sigrid Latex

Latex creations - fashion show

Rebecca Saleen

Leather creations - fashion show


Leather creations - fashion show

Ichor Creations

Leather creations - fashion show


Gala performance

The Baroness

The Maw




Gala performance

Our friends :

Kinky Saloon France

The Kinky Saloon is a festive and joyful kinky-BDSM-sexo Munch & Play. 

We also organize workshops on safety in BDSM play, as well as classic Munch.

Kinky Saloon France provides volunteers for the whole France FemDom weekend. A huge thank you to the association and its members!


Paris' favorite boutique, which warmly welcomed us for the start of the event on Thursday.

Before the "Paris Féministe" guided tour on Thursday afternoon, let's meet at the boutique for a drink before exploring the city of lights together.

We're delighted to be starting France FemDom with them!


Ocytocin is a Paris-based association offering logistical support to sex-positive and BDSM events promoting the culture of consent.

France FemDom is grateful to Ocytocin for providing furniture for the Fête des Dames Play Party on Saturday evening.