Guest Speaker

11/14/20231 min read

Introducing Majaeste…

From an early age, Majaeste knew she just wasn’t quite like the other girls in her boarding school. Not only were there elements of neuro-spiciness in her brain (ASD) but it probably wasn’t ‘normal’ to be in ethically non-monogamous d/s protocol relationships with other women from the get-go!

Forward to years later and now as a well-known figure in kink and EMN circle in London, Majaeste has been hosting workshops and running events for a ‘fair few’ years and she believes passionately in dispelling the myths and fallacies often perpetuated about female dominance and submission.

As likely to be seen poised on a throne surrounded by kneeling women as in the centre of the crowd gesticulating to the point of drink spillage, she likes to challenge the assumption that dominance always has to take a certain form.

Majaeste will be leading a workshop at our event which asks the audience to pull up the floorboards on female sexuality, submission, dominance, and pleasure.

Photo credit: Zoja Kalinovskis