Diane Killer

A professional dominatrix for the past seven years, I wear several hats on a daily basis and don different costumes every week. Mixing the arts of BDSM with my stage performances, I've become known for my needles and restraints.
I'm very active in sex-culture, notably through the media where I've enjoyed presenting radio and web TV shows, as well as hosting corporate conferences for the CJD.
I travel to train practitioners in needle play, and give workshops all over the world: Berlin, London, Los Angeles, Seattle, Paris and soon other major cities in 2025 (Eastern Europe and Asia). I regularly work with a sponsor on extreme record-breaking performances (placing thousands of needles in a timed sequence, with a notion of artistic motif almost always compulsory).
I'm also active in the field of prevention, and I've been training people in hygiene and sanitation for eight years. I pass on as much of my knowledge as possible to my trainees, because I think it's important to share what we've learned, so as to better train the BDSM community. Good knowledge needs to be shared, especially when it comes to needles, which I consider to be a very risky tool, as they transmit blood.
For me, BDSM has a maieutic and cathartic power that must be nourished in order to express oneself or allow the other to have a strong and complete space of existence. The practices that define me often have these elements in common: method, discipline, meticulousness and technique. Needles and strings, as well as cellophane, have no limits other than the imagination. Highly sensory and also highly risky, these three practices demand hard work and time, precision and safety at every second. These tools are infinite and can be deployed ad infinitum.
I'm much more fulfilled in artistic performance BDSM than in purely sexual BDSM, even though I've mastered the techniques and tricks. I'm also writing a trilogy about my experience in professional BDSM, and the first volume, De Fil en Aiguilles, has already been published. I expect the second volume to be published this winter.
I'm also working on an IT platform: La Fetish Box, a sort of professional directory of international BDSM, with only serious, verified references.
My fetish brand is also in the works: Revenge! I work with numerous partners, sponsors, and artists on different projects all year round, as a performer, author, consultant, or trainer.
Finally, I'd say that I'm a self-taught workaholic, passionate and relentless about the new perspectives that BDSM offers today because it's an inexhaustible source of art for me! And every day is an opportunity for me to shake up its codes, to make it more beautiful than the day before! I also recognize that, after seven years of pro BDSM, I'm becoming more and more of a lifestyle Domme and no longer just a pro.