Madame Lule

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Madame Lule is a creator of small worlds. Back in France after a long expatriation, she decided to fulfill one of her life's projects: to become a professional Dominatrix. Now a Mistress-Femme, surveyor of the human soul, explorer of the strange and forbidden, whisperer of strange words, listener to unusual imaginations, she stages fantasies that can only exist in the secrecy of her boudoir.

Artist and author, she has created Le Malendrier ou calendrier perpétuel du soumis, L'Emanuscule, parcours de soumission and, under the name Alda Mantisse, published La Loi du Talon (ed. La Musardine).

She created the artistic BDSM content website La Férule (sound, photos, texts, testimonials):

Last but not least, she runs workshops on one of her favorite subjects, which, in her opinion, is under-explored in BDSM: the strength of tenderness. She will be giving this workshop in French at France FemDom.