Ness Harper has been a dominatrix for over 10 years

Driven by her art studies, she found in the world of BDSM a relationship with the body and aesthetics that she exploited in her photography dedicated to fetishism. Moving to the other side of the lens, she turned her passion into a profession. She became known throughout Paris for her famous Gouters du Divin Marquis.

Thanks to her warm welcome and benevolence, she attracts enthusiasts from all over France to take part in her events and practice the noble art at her Goûters du Divin Marquis and Folles Nuits du Divin Marquis, organized to exchange ideas, play and meet up.

Humanity, which is as dear to his heart as art, is the guest of honor on these unifying occasions.

This art, which lives on through her generosity and her creations, can be found in the podcasts she has recorded, the artistic and BDSM performances she gives on stage, as well as during her talks at the Ecole des Arts Sadiens.

Now an emblematic figure on the Parisian BDSM scene, the press has taken a keen interest in her world, whether in print, broadcast or on television.

His artistic and aesthetic style of domination is known and recognized as much as it is a source of inspiration for many Dominas, both beginners and experienced.

She transmits her passion with conviction and high standards, to the delight of her learners.

A personality to meet!

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